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O'Connell Sound drumming

Before Jack practiced audio engineering, at age 10 he began practicing the drums. If you are one of the many singer-songwriters who are good-to-go with everything but drums, Jack is your man. Unlike a typical studio drummer, Jack will not only develop the best drum parts to suit your songs, but will work as a band member to rehearse with you before he goes into the studio. (If you already have a studio lined up but are without a drummer, Jack can still help out.)

“Jack is quite possibly the best drummer I've ever played with.  He has rock-solid timing and really knows how to make even the simplest parts sound phenomenal.  He's more than just a drummer though; not only has he helped push my skills as a bassist, but he's offered constructive ways to tweak my bass and amp tones so that they sound their best as well. I consider myself truly lucky to have stumbled into meeting and playing alongside Jack and I hope to continue to for a long time.”

- Matt Jarvis (The Chance)

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