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Before You Send Your Mix To Me:

• Label tracks accurately; e.g. BASS AMP, BASS DI, VOCAL 1.

• Provide session memory locations. This is not mandatory, but it facilitates communication about the song.

• Print all essential “Creative FX”. If you’ve dialed in a great delay or vocal distortion effect, the mix engineer      needs to have it. Print effects on separate tracks so the mixer can decide whether to re-create it with some of    his tools, use what you’ve already completed, or use a combination of the two.  Always provide notes, and        try to provide both the un-effected signal as well as the effected one.

• If the session was recorded in Pro Tools, make sure all the audio files and fades are accounted for on the            copy you provide. An easy solution is to highlight all of your audio regions and consolidate them.

• DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL COPY. Always keep a working duplicate copy for safekeeping.

• Do not use multiple playlists or virtual tracks. If there is an alternate part, provide it on a separate track and        notate what it's for.

• Don’t expect the mixer to do any editing. It should be done in advance unless it’s been discussed prior.

• Include a rough mix of the song. Include mixes done by others if you have them.

• Include notes, notes and more notes. List comparable songs and mixes from other artists that will help              gauge your final vision.


  We will discuss your notes and tailor the finished product to your needs.

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